Fields of application of processings that we make are various and very specialized, we produce especially, components for aeronautic and aerospace, but also for automotive, medical and design.


We are suppliers of aeronautic and aerospace components for important Italian and foreign companies, which gives us and our experience, their prototypings and productions. We can meet very high quality and tecnical requirements.

Idraulic titanium joint Idraulic titanium joint Idraulic titanium joints Idraulic titanium joint nuts Titanium special parts for aerospace (M2 and M3 thread)


We realize from the whole piece mechanic parts, we work both estetical and structural parts from custom design, always with excellents dimensional tollerances.

We can work various advanced metals like: titanium 6Al 4V, Inconel 718, Ergal 7075 T6, Steel 17/4 PH, MMC, chrome-cobalt alloys and nichel alloys.

Ergal aluminium bodys for filters Titanium components for F1 Titanium special screws with exagonal and exalobular drive Inconel 718 special screws  Tailor made idraulic titanium joints Anodized titanium components for F1


We produce various kinds of prosthesis and titanium othopedic screws, supported by our very high quality and technological standards. We are also owners and distributors of Ti-medika products.





Titnium medical screw


Working together with relevant Italian brands, we projects and develope for our customers, innovative solutions using titanium for furnitures design, fashion and contemporary jewelry. The company is also laboratory of our design brand JeS-Titanium Design.

Titanium rings Titanium neck pendent Wireless titanium lamp (PVD black colour) Detail of wireless titanium lamp, natural satin finishing.

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