Matecam can flexibly manage prototypation, pre series and middle industrial productions. In this elegant and technological space there are very high efficient CNC machines, one metrology laboratory and one special treatments division (anodizing and dry film lube). All the company consumptions are supervised with advanced domotic systems.

turning and milling

The working force is on two new 7 axis Miyano lathes, that are able to turn and mill with very high precision and reliability, both titanium and others special alloys. The raw materials storage, utensils, metal inserts and final products are managed with a vertical store, in this way the production area is always clean and orderly.

Miyano CNC turning machine double spindle, 7 axis Turning and milling machining on titanium Detail

Special precesses

In the special treatments division we do special processes that are certified and supervised in accordance with custom's specifications.

Now we are able to do three kinds of special processes:
titanium chemical cleansing withultrasounds, in alkaline warm baths;
titanium anodizing (UNI EN 2808:98);
dry film lube with molybdenum disulfide (AS 5272E e prEN 2491:10).

Exagonal titanium joint nuts anodized, dry lubed end marked. Anodized exagonal titanium joint nuts Anodized titanium components


In the metrology laboratory we do all the product's checks and dimensional reports with calibrated and certified equipments. All our instruments are Mitutoyo and Vision Eng.

100% sample check

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